All ur souls are belong to us: Soulreaver

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All ur souls are belong to us: Soulreaver Empty All ur souls are belong to us: Soulreaver

Post  Soulreaver on Tue Feb 23, 2010 12:45 pm

Hey there everybody, I guess I'd start introducing myself!

My real name is Pascal, I'm 16 years old,my job is.... *drumroll* going to school, 11th grade and I'm from Germany

My hobbies are gaming... awesome video game music.... and LPing..... now that was pretty hard to guess now was it?

About my name... well Its from the awesome game series Legacy of Kain!
When I was about to decide my nickname I was playing some Legacy of Kain so I just used Soulreaver, also because Raziel's stroy fits me pretty well
Also,I am the GOD of Legacy of Kain, if there is ANY QUESTION about that game or it's storyline, I can answer it!
Also f*** all those idiots that keep tapping the nickname "Soulreaver" on any forums, YT or games... I bet they dont even know half as much about LoK than I do......

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