That freaking Obligitory Intro...

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That freaking Obligitory Intro... Empty That freaking Obligitory Intro...

Post  Thisisit50 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:31 pm

So... Yeah. I am here.
I guess I need a bit more then that.

Okay... Well I'm Thisisit50, I was that guy who made the youtube poops of Sages. I do Let's Play's (Well obviously, that's why I'm here...) I prefer to do Co-ops, Because it's fun talking to another player.

My Active LP is Prinny: Can I really be the hero?

My Passive/on hold LPs:
Messing around with Super Mario World. (Yes I realize Mario has been done to death as far as Let's Plays/ Let's Fails, But this is really something that happened spur of the moment, and I couldn't introduce my co-host to a new game that he wasn't familiar with.)

Let's Play Battle Hunter. (This is on hold right now, while I plan a Reboot of the series...)

Oh and I guess here is a link to my channel...

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