Oh Hai There! I'm Lemur-Chan :3

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Oh Hai There! I'm Lemur-Chan :3 Empty Oh Hai There! I'm Lemur-Chan :3

Post  DemonLemur175 on Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:01 pm

Hello, my name is DemonLemur175, but you may call me Demon or Lemur. (Hah! No one shallever know my true name. >D) :P I'm a subscriber to Dreamer7g, Sages, Iheartmovees, Tigers, and Serenia.

I'm deeply considering LPing, however my recording technology is pretty lame. xP My cousin actually first introduced me to LPing, (Even though she's horrible at it, no offense. ^^; It's more of a walkthrough and her computer crashing on her when she talks. ) although it was really one of my other friends that showed me Sages and Kish's Super Mario Brothers 3 LP. After that, I've been drawn in ever since. :3

Also, recently I WAS working on two DS game projects, but my DS making software failed and I had to throw it out. TT_TT I may try to continue those projects again, but I'll have to find some other way of gaming to make them. I'll probably have to make them PC games. xP My avatar is an example of how I draw in five minutes on the computer on PaintNet without caring about filling in all the spaces with color. :P I like how it adds an amateur touch.
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